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In fact, you can use MIM to eventually build

 an online business like this:

A list... a product... or any website to get started!

Technical skill! You don't need to know how to create a blog or put together a website! You don't even need to know what a domain is...

Marketing experience! You don't even need to bother about what internet marketing is... You don't need to know how to build and manage a list!

From: Tony Perr

Re: The most revolutionary 'done-for-you' money application ever developed


Dear fellow internet entrepreneur,

You and I have never met.

But I'm pretty sure the reason you're here is because you desperately need to spend less time making more money online.

Am I right?

Well, give me just 5 minutes...

Kick back.


...and I'm going to show you LIVE and DIRECT how * you * can make big money from...

Trust me, it's NOT a simple Wordpress plugin or a simple article spinner/submitter or any blind offer that you've been bombarded with every single day.

This is by far the most sophisticated application that has ever been developed to help people make money online.

And yet, it's so easy to use that everyone, WITHOUT any experience or skill, can use to eventually build an online business.

In fact, I personally use it everyday to create my auto money sites, generate traffic, build lists and make awesome affiliate money.

The software automates 95% of my daily tasks.

And I won't dazzle you with all the income screenshots, as that's not necessary.

I have nothing to hide, and I will go into details explaining what the software is, and what it can do for you.

But please notice that all the income proofs in this site are verifiable.

And the traffic proofs here are updated in real-time.  So DON'T think this is just like anything out there you've seen.

You see, it gets harder and harder everyday to make money online, I know...

And in this world it takes cash to care.

Lots of it.

And if you don't have enough of it...



You know it.

And I know it.

So, how do you get more money....

Well, lucky for you...

The answer is right here on this page.

And it's a lot easier than you think.

Because I've had a complete "done-for-you" software solution developed that sucks all the hard work out of getting EASY ONLINE INCOME.

But I must warn you...

You must spend at least some time using it...

You must follow my instructions closely.

And I can't guarantee that you'll make any money from the software if you don't have the requirements I just mentioned.

Anyway, don't get me wrong...

This is not some desk-top software that you will download to suck up space on your hard drive.


It does everything for you. More specifically, it automates the three most important aspects of the most profitable online business ever, affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you don't need a product to handle, you don't need to do customer support. Life is free and easy...

... but there is so much competition out there. So here is how my application will help you to outperform your competitors:

1. Content Site Creation

The application allows you to create auto money pages filled with contents, videos, and most importantly, your affiliate links in just 30 seconds.

The content pages with awesome graphics are specifically designed to make you affiliate sales automatically. That means no product to handle, no customer support.

You don't need to care about hosting or domains as the content pages will be hosted and shared in our PRIVATE NETWORK with thousands of users. You just need a few clicks to have a content page ready to make you money.


2. Traffic Generation

Now this is the most exciting part. Traffic is the backbone of any online business.

 With this application, FREE traffic to your content pages will driven automatically and VIRALLY, thanks to a very powerful concept that will CHANGE the entire making money online industry forever that I just recently discovered. I'll explain this revolutionary concept below.


3. List Building

We all know that the money is in the list. With an email list you can easily make money over and over.

My application has free built-in email list builders and autoresponders integrated inside that automates this hard list building task for you. All are taken care of! No need to pay expensive recurring charge for your current autoresponder.

If it sounds too easy, it is.

If it seems unreal, it isn't.

Sure, you're skeptical, I know.

And I SERIOUSLY took that into consideration.

That's why...

Yes, REAL-TIME, LIVE PROOF that the alphabet agencies can put under their microscope and say, "Yes, this gets our stamp of approval."

On this page, you are seeing real-time traffic stats from our private money network.

You are seeing real traffic delivered to real people in real niches.

This is all above line.

All above the board.


Take it to "Judge Judy" type of stuff and...


Yes, I'm that confident.

I INSIST that you do because...

I'm tired of seeing your intelligence insulted with videos of some $250 Craigslist actor who's desperate to pay their bills and agreed to participate in scamming you.

When will it stop?

Guess what?

It won't... unless you do.

Unless you STOP falling prey to their dazzling web sites and "best-thing-since-sliced-bread" sales copy.

Demand PROOF.

Cold hard proof of the claims.

And, today...

Hi. My name is Tony Perr.

I graduated from university in June 1997.

I got my first job in August 1997 and worked with that company until June of last year.

That translates to 13 years of Hell!

In the early years of my life my parents told me...

"Go to school."

" Study hard."

" Get good grades."

"And you will get a good job."

Well, I went to school.

I studied hard.

But not in the way you may think...

I didn't study textbooks.


I studied Entrepreneur magazine.

I studied Inc magazine.

I studied Small Business Opportunities magazine.

I studied any and everything that was related to my becoming a renegade money-making machine.


But I was.

And for 13 years I hated it.

But during that time I kept abreast with the Internet marketing industry.

And I envied the FREEDOM enjoyed by the high-rollers I'd read about.

So what did I do?

I bought EVERYTHING that was pushed at me.

Almost every week something was being promoted.

(Like it is now)

And crazy me budgeted a portion of my bi-weekly salary for Internet marketing products.

3-hundred-and-odd-page ebooks?

Yeah, I bought 'em.

$2,500 CD and DVD packages?

Yep. Bought 'em.

Video courses?


$3,000 Semin--NO!--Pitchfests?

Yep... went to those too.

But with all that, I wasn't having much success at all.

No matter how hard I tried, my income was never near what I'd seen or read about online.

And I just decided that---you know what?---this Internet marketing thing isn't working out for me at all.

So, I hung up my gloves and slunked back into my life of being a wage slave.

Then one day, about one year ago, for the hell of it...


I had a little over $126 sittiing in there from a single promotion I'd written on some articles in the "warcraft game guide" niche years before.

But because I'd gotten so disheartened with Internet marketing, I neglected it.

Well, not anymore!...

Like a madman possesed with making loads of money, I plowed myself back into affiliate marketing with new-found vigor.

Soon, I was making money.

$30 A Day

$50 A Day

And after the 3rd month, I was banking nearly $100 A Day.

Then, I walked in to my workplace, walked in to my boss's office and said,


"Nick, I don't understand this. We are happy with you. We like your work. I thought you were happy. What is this all about?" he said, looking confused.

"It's just time to move on Mr. Crooks... time to move on."

And with that, I finished out 2 weeks, and never looked back.

And at home....

I Was Making Enough Money To Pay My Bills

I spent hours upon hours every day dedicating SERIOUS time to my affiliate marketing business.

But, soon, it began to wear on me...

Does that sound like the lifestyle of something who’s living high off the hog?


What's the sense in making all this money when if I don't have the time to enjoy it?

It soon dawned on me that I’d taken my freedom from Mr. Boss and handed it to Internet marketing.

And that was NOT why I left my job.

To do what? Become a slave again?


And soon enough, I thought to myself...


I was SOOOO obsessed with answering that question that I searched high and low for the perfect programmer who would build me my customized application to usher me into my new life.

I scoured programming forums.


And a bunch of the other popular ones but...

No Luck :-(...

Then, one day, while flipping through my local paper, the answer stared right back at me.

Here's what the headline read:

“Local Students Emerge Winners In
National Programming Competition”


While reading the story, I felt my heart rate picking up.

And by the time I'd done the story, it was exploding with excitement!

These were the "creme de la creme" of programmers of their age group in the entire country.

Right here in my city!

How cool was that?


So, bright and early the next morning, I went to the community college and met with their coach.

That same evening, all six of them were sitting in my living room.

I explained my dilemma to them... and... in a matter of minutes... they fleshed out the solution to my problem on an 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Here's how they said the application would work:


The application allows users to create money making content web pages within seconds.


The application helps users to share their contents VIRALLY to a network of thousands of people and much more.

Free traffic will be driven automatically and all the backlinks to your contents or affiliate links will be built on autopilot.

Okay, now it's the most exciting part. Let me explain the revolutionary concept behind this feature.

You already know that social networks like Facebook are making big money from our shared contents such as our Wall posts by selling their advertisements...

 so why don't we make our own money from our shared contents?


With my application, you'll have access to a complete content sharing network that will drive viral and organic traffic to your web pages automatically.

Besides having an exclusive network of thousands of people who are willing to help each other share their contents virally...

... you can use any source of free traffic, for example, Facebook or Twitter to distribute your content to and drive your traffic to insane. And my application will help you automate all these tasks too.

In the end, you are the one who makes money from your contents when your affiliate links are distributed all over the net automatically.

Well, with this software, you don't even need to know what is backlink, what is content sharing network. Just follow a few simple steps and you are done!


The application allows users to build their email lists with fully targeted leads so that they can make money over and over.

A simple email promotion sent out to a targeted list can easily generate hundreds or even thousands of dollar. The lead collection process will be done automatically with built-in optin forms and autoresponders integrated inside my application.


I paid a TON of money as downpayment to get these guys started on my dream system.

They promised they would make the application do anything and everything I wanted.

It was during the Summer holidays.

So, instead of going looking for Summer jobs that would pay them peanuts for "experience", I paid them WAAAAAY above what their counterparts were getting.

And like tigers to raw meat, they attacked my project with enthusiasm off the Richter scale!

For the next 8 weeks, they coded like crazy.

Giving me daily updates as to the progress of the application.

They were my dream team.

Creating my dream application.

That would give me my dream life.

Finally, after 8 weeks of coding and 2 weeks of testing, once again, they all assembled in my living room to unveil...

They walked me through the entire demo presentation.

And I sat there, riveted.

In awe.

Completely blown away by what this application would do.

Money well spent.

What an investment!

And like a kid who just got a bright, shiny, new bicycle, I was itching to try it out.

I filled in a few fields.

Clicked a few buttons.

Then hit "Submit".

There, my auto content pages with very nice templates were generated.

My dream team and I had drinks all around.

Played some video games.

Then they went home.

Eager to see what was happening, I peeked into my traffic tracking account.

Nothing yet.

Oh well.

Let me wait till morning.

Like a kid who gets up early on Christmas morning to see presents under the tree, so I rushed to my computer, and logged in...

Oh goodness, gracious,

And already one affiliate sale of $23.51 was made.

This was not quite what I was used to making.

But it was a start.

A damn good one.

And the SWEET thing about it is...

I didn't have to sweat for it.

The application did it for me.

And this was just my first attempt.

Now, it was time to ante up.

To really put it to the test.

I "turned it up".

And even though I was tempted to check my stats every day, I delayed doing so to heighten my surprise.

And what a surprise it was!

When I logged in again, there was an automatic flood of 1,256 clicks on my affiliate links.

Things were shaping up nicely.

So, I had my dream team do some tweaking.

Test and tweak some more.

And the results?

My accounts grew bigger and bigger.

Soon my income was on par with---then surpassed what I was earning daily.

So, fittingly, I called it...



The Most Complete And Advanced Solution That Addresses All of Your Traffic and Commission Problems

It's web-based - No installation needed. You just need to login.

It generates money sites with awesome graphics in just a few clicks.

It drives traffic to your affiliate links OR any links of your choice automatically using our revolutionary concepts and techniques.

It comes with free hosting, free domain, free built in email list builders/autoresponders (you can choose to use your own).

It’s so easy to use - No experience required. You don't even need to know about making money online before.


If you're desperate to make money online but you're sick and tired of all the hype and all the stuff that just doesn't work... this is exactly what you've been searching for.

Let me ask you...

If your answer is YES, then my friend, this automated solution can help you...

Imagine a money-making system that...

This very same simple application helps us to create content/review pages that convert like crazy... and rake in insane amount of free targeted traffic in no time.

You already know traffic is money. So your potential income totally depends on whether you can choose good offers in your niches or sub niches to promote, as your traffic problem is completed solved by Mass Income Multiplier.

For example, here's a Clickbank account of mine that is promoting high quality forex offers:

Let's do some simple maths. Let say you can create 10 auto content pages and each page can drive 100 visitors per day, that means you already got 1000 visitors clicking on your affiliate links daily.

If you can pick an affiliate offer that converts at 1%, you already can generate 10 sales a day. So your potential income is all up to you.


Watch The Activity Logs Updated

 Directly From Our Users' Accounts


Forget stressing over Internet marketing.

Forget doing mundane, boring tasks that only make you a $1.

With this application I had customized for me, you'll finally know what it's like to...

And in case you're thinking why you would want to promote other peoples stuff, you're right, you probably wouldn't do...'s the thing... with Mass Income Multiplier there's more than enough too go around.

In fact, this thing sucks in so much traffic so quickly... that there's actually WAY too much to go around.

Let me explain...

...with this powerful application, you can eventually see profits no matter what your online business is... no matter whether you are a product publisher, a blogger, or a Adsense/CPA marketer...

Mass Income Multiplier is so powerful that after a few minutes it has already done all the promotion it can do for you for the day.

And quite frankly using it more than 3 minutes would be darn counter productive. You'd get so much traffic, so many hits, so much authority and content so quickly...

... so it just wouldn't look natural, and it could even get you banned, by paypal for example, or even get your website pulled down.

Listen: I've made this system as easy as possible for the novice and the veteran to use.

PLUS, the best part is...

The application can automate many tasks for you.

Forget wasting your days away in front of your PC like I was.

Forget staying up into the wee hours of the morning, burning the candles at both ends trying to make it.

Your perfect side business is being handed to you all wrapped in ribbons and bows.

It’s just for you to accept it, knowing that making money online will be easier than the methods you’re using right now.

One of those stats could easily have been your stats... if you are serious in making money online (It won't happen overnight and you need to pay attention following my instructions).


Just Forget All The Crappy Software You Bought In The Past - Here's How Mass Income Multiplier is Different From Anything Out There

And regardless of what anyone would have you think...

Now Is The Perfect Time
To Become An Affiliate Marketer

Especially with what I'm about to hand you today.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online. It's way easier than creating information products and getting an army of affiliates to sell for you...

It takes a LOT of time to put an information product together. If you don't want to do it all yourself, you have to outsource the creation of the product, hire a copywriter, pay the graphics guy to spruce up your pages, pay the tech guy to do all your backend stuff...and

... before you know it... you're out nearly $5,000 before the product even launches!

Do you want to deal with all that?

If you're a glutton for pain, be my guest.

And, get this: No matter how cool you think your product is...IT MAY BOMB!

That's the tough reality, there's NO GUARANTEE.

So, the best alternative is to....START AN AFFILIATE BUSINESS

Yeah, that's all well and good, you say, but....

Oh yes they do!

But you don't have to worry about that.

With Mass Income Multiplier...

So....sorry if you're someone who gets a kick out of doing
mental gymnastics.

Analyzing this.

And deep-thinking that.

It's not for you.

Sorry if you like to write the written word.

Laboring over articles, forum postings and blogs.

Sorry if you like to advertise on Google.

Sorry if you like to pay them big money to do so.

Sorry if you get a kick out of measly returns with all the effort.

Good luck to you.

My reasoning is this...

This is the age of technology.

This is era when, even if you don't have the skills to create technology, you can pay skilled people to create it for you.

That's what the big car companies did.

Instead of having manual labour weld cars and do all that mundane, repetitive stuff, they employed programmers and engineers to create robotic machines that did all the welding, etc.

And now they produce more cars and make more money.

Same thing with computers.

With new technology, your computer is able to do more than ten times what a computer could do in 1986.

And, sure enough, the technology used to produce computers churns out millions of them ever year.

And guess what?

The People Who Had The Idea To Pay Other People TO Create Their Technology Are Filthy Stinking Rich

Look at Bill Gates.

He's a billionaire.

Look at the late, great Steve Jobs.

He died a billionaire.

Look at Mark Zuckerberg.

He's a billionaire.

I'm not a billionaire. I'm not a millionaire either, just yet.

But just as how they shared their technology with you to make your life exactly the same thing I'm doing.

I'm handing you a customized application that took all the drudgery out of affiliate marketing for me.

An application that can only be improved upon to detect hidden niches and sub niches you can cash on.

And if it costs only a fraction of what I paid to have it developed, why wouldn't you jump at a chance to make it change your life?

How much would you
give to get a life changing solution like that?

Don't worry.

I'm not going to make it hard for you at all.

After all, you're like I was a couple years ago.

And I understand the desperation, pain and uncertainty one has when you can never seem to pull yourself out of a financial rut.

Plus, you may have been screwed over one too many times in the past by scam artists who didn't give a damn about helping you.

You're just someone who wants a solution to clear up all your debts while empowering you to lead a more prosperous, stress-free life.

And I'm happy to tell you that, I'm giving you access to my application for...

Only $39.95

With NO hidden recurring payments.

And no future charges whatsoever.

Plus, on top of that, you're covered by my ...

But be warned...

You must be quick... I can't keep this low price forever. You see I spend thousands of dollar each month for my servers, my hosts, my domains and my programmers (for maintenance)...

and I am only charging a very small amount of 39.95$ (one-time) just to cover my cost. Basically I just want to help you out by sharing my exclusive application.

So when the number of users grows rapidly and exceeds 500 (the amount my team and I can handle), we will have no choice but to change our price model to a 39.95$ monthly charge.



So What Have You Got To Lose?

Like me, you know affiliate marketing is the perfect home business anyone could ever have.

Just you and that BIG, WIDE, billion-dollar affiliate industry that's swirling with cash.

Now, I'm giving you an expertly coded application to tap it to make you traffic/money.

You can, of course, continue in the life you've always lived:

"Iffing"..."Butting"..." Wondering "What If?"


You can take the bull by the horns and DOWNLOAD this automated system that can give you the affiliate income from FREE, EASY 100% INSTANT TRAFFIC right now!


YES, Tony! I Want To Take Advantage Of This Once-In-A-Lifetime Offer!

I don't want to spend big money to create application like you did.

Instead, I want to piggyback on your efforts since you're offering me the enviable opportunity to do so.

I want MASS INCOME MULTIPLIER to give me affiliate commissions.

I want MASS INCOME MULTIPLIER to build my lists for me automatically.

I want MASS INCOME MULTIPLIER to create cash-sucking web pages for me on the fly.

And, if for any reason at all I'm not satisfied, I know that I can send for, and get back, a 100% refund.

I'm ready.

I can't wait to get started so...


... I've already seen how this application can make you a very easy and automatic income every month from not much effort.

All I'm asking you to pay is $39.95 - one time, and that's it - no hidden 'continuity' or fees. And this will make you money for years to come.

Think more carefully... If you use the Mass Income Multiplier to make money for the next 3 years...

That means you're paying $1.3 a month... or just over 4 cents a day...

4 cents a day to quit your job and make crazy money from home?
I think you know that's an insane bargain...

To Guaranteed Free Traffic And Automated Income For Life,

P.S. You wouldn't be here if you were not convinced you can make more money from affiliate marketing. Why try to make money the long, hard way? Why even mess around with less-than-perfect, junk software?

Mass Income Multiplier automates everything that super-affiliates pay huge money to outsource. It's right at your fingertips. Ready to make you a super-affiliate for only a fraction of the effort. It does all of the hard work and hands you commissions, of course you need to follow my instructions.

Download Mass Income Multiplier right now and take 60 days to make sure it's a bullet-proof money-maker.



P.P.S. If you're truly desperate to change your life, change how you make money, stop selling your time for peanuts, and get on the train that has made smart entrepreneurs rich, you owe it to yourself to try Mass Income Multiplier.

Shun it and you could be committing the worst sin of an entreprenuer: lack of being innovative.

Are you that?

Are you a slouch?

If not, give Mass Income Multiplier a try. There is NO risk in your purchase decision.

Here are some quick FAQs:

Q: "If you're making all this money, why would you want to share it, most of all, with total stranger?"

A: After my programmer team finished coding the application, I realized it's too powerful... that's why I came up with the sharing idea, to utilize the excess power of the tool.

Besides, the MIM algorithm is built around social relationships with the intent of creating an interdependent community of individuals that support each other with the final goal of making money online. Thus, the more people use the software, the more powerful it becomes. So I have no problem sharing it.

Q: "Do you provide customer support?"

A. Yes. We are here to help you make money online. Our team will answer your questions promptly so feel free to ask us.

Q: Is Any Training Included With The Software?
A: Absolutely, we included step-by-step training in the members area. We hold you by the hand and take you through every step of the way.

Q: "Will your system work anywhere in the world?"

A: Yes, as long as you have an internet connection.

Q: "I have my own product and I am also a blogger. Will MIM help to improve my business?"

A: Yes, it will work with all types of online businesses you are running.

Q: "Can I collect leads using my Aweber auto responder with Massmultiplier?"

A: Yes, for sure. We have 2 options: autoresponders of your choice and our built-in system.


Order Now!

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